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2023 and Beyond 

Hello Followers,

15 long months since I've done a blog but here I am to admit that I'm the worst at keeping up on this site! so i pretty much revamped the website and added some things as well. last year i finished up all my songs for my instrumental “Bedroom prog”  band. and almost have the songs ready for “Slow Moments in Shawnee” acoustic Album. it'll be fun. Until then take care and ill post another blog eventually and recap 2023!


Randy Gleason

Been a long time Quarter 1-3 

Its been a long time.

10 months since the last update. Its been a super eventful year so far. march I released my first official piece of music. although it might not be what you'd expect i had a super great response from it. the song is called "Come To Pass". Released on March 30th, 2022. Ill have an album coming out soon for it. ill also add another tab on my website for this type of music. Please continue to support me whichever way you guys can. i appreciate everyone who has supported me so and continues to do so. you guys are the MVP's. I got allot booked for 2023 already. please get ahold od me for bookings if intersted. once again thanks guys. im gonna keep this sweet. maybe i do a full year wrap up here in a few months for everyone!


Randy Gleason


Quarter 4  

Hey guys, 

                Just a follow-up from last year. I meant to post here for quarter 4 of last year but I ended up getting caught up in Christmas and other family-oriented things. I had a great Christmas and new year and I hope you all did too. I still have been nailing shows out left and right and working on some more things in my free time. I'm working hard, whether I'm on the stage or I'm in my little space at the house and writing. It's been fun. I told myself the wintertime is my time to focus on the writing aspect of things in my music. been a while since I decided to actually focus time on writing my own personal things. be on the lookout for announcements soon. some things should have been already happening but unforuntely I've picked the wrong people to help me along and they have just been delaying the process. lessons are learned and won't be forgotten. until next time, take care everyone.

Randy Gleason


Quarter 2-3 

Hello Everyone,

 Currently just done finishing up booking up the rest of my shows for the year 2021. this year has been crazy to say the least. between COVID still being a thing and people being uncertain about whats going on, playing music is becoming more of a slippery slope than ever before. Thankfully with the suupport of everything and still booking shows i dont have to worry too much. i will now be booking into 2022 ASAP, i got 6 shows booked into 2022 so far. ill be 27 this coming year and its time to start getting things into motion. ive been writing alot especially when i lost my voice due to overuse back in May. i had laryigitus, that whole month sucked but i had a chance to do alot of writing here at my house. i have some awesome things coming up once i finish up some more songs. we are talking some awesome music. be on the lookout for that. that would be the first full LP from yours truly. id like to thank my brother from another mother Tim for helping me when my voice was shot. he was a trooper and played some shows with me and i repayed the favor. Thanks man! well its time for me to sign off here. come see a show and be safe everyone!! 


Thanks for Reading,


Randy Gleason

Quarter 1 

Hello world,

                  Randy Gleason here, its been a minute since i last updated my website. COVID 19 is starting to settle down and bars are opening back up! thats such good news to hear! been staying busy as far as music. playing atleast 3 days a week. couldnt ask for for better people to support me or keep pushing me forward. been writing some music lately as well. if all goes well maybe youll see an album come out this year of Randy Gleason. might not be acoustic but its something that will have Randy Gleason's Name on it and that is something i would be proud of. Following up from this i am updating all of my shows that i currently have booked should be about 105 shows so far that are booked and need to book some more. be on the lookout for randy gleason on the horizon. its about to be a spectacular summer! stay classy!


Come for the music, Stay for the show.


Randy Gleason

Quarter 2-4 

Hey Guys!


                 This is Randy Gleason coming at you with a follow-up to how the year has been going. to say it's been a weird year is an understatement. COVID 19 has put a lot of things out of business, mostly small businesses. I was affected from March 16th till about memorial day with going from 15+ shows a month down to about 3. I worked hard to try to regain some of the money that I had lost. I played a lot of small events, private parties and people were very generous when tipping and paying me which went a long way! fast track to Memorial day it started picking back up. Went to about 20 shows a month which really helped me because I was hurting for a while. This year such as last year July was my busiest month! I want to thank everyone for that! Between Memorial Day and up until about This month in November everything was going fine. Mike Dewine the Gov. of Ohio has recently imposed a Curfew that goes into effect from 10 PM-5 AM starting about November 19th. this has been hard on me as well as other bars, restaurants, and venues in the area. a lot of those places have seen decreased numbers of people coming in which in terms hurts the Establishment. I got some things in the works now and hopefully plan to release within the next few months. solo original music is going well and I'm about halfway written with my first Album. be on the lookout for that within the next year! id like to make it a spectacular moment for my musical journey. until then this is Randy Gleason Signing off. Come catch a show soon!!!!



                   Randy Gleason 

Quarter 1 

Quarter One


     Hello All! the first quarter of this year has been weird, to say the least. up till March 16th, I was doing fine and playing very consistently. I'm sure everyone by now has heard of COVID-19. as for the foreseeable future my shows in March, April, and possibly May have been cancelled. unfortunately, I have lost a lot of financial income along with it bit, I am getting by. Facebook live shows every Wednesday until this pans out which I am hoping by the end of May. Definitely a weird way to start the year. I have been working on some original material and am prepping to go into the studio and release my first single. it's about time I get on the ball and get my music career jumping. Until then everyone stay safe and healthy.


Randy Gleason

Quarter 3 and 4 

Since May of this year, I have made a name for myself in the area. playing at a bar every week and having a following that comes out to sing and have fun with me is so rewarding. ive been working on writing some material that I feel is some of the best work so far lyrically speaking. been stuck in a rut of not wanting to play guitar because I already play my acoustic about 15 hours a week. I am getting some recording gear together to work some more on my solo band stuff as well as my acoustic solo. the band TOOL finally put out a new album this year. its been 12 days since the release and they are #1 on the Billboard charts. go TOOL!!! looks like now the stage is set for me to release my upcoming album. so be on the lookout. its gonna get slow this winter so ill have some time to just set back and play guitar and write some stuff. once again this is Randy Gleason and I really hope whoever reads this has a great day. until next time, come to one of my shows!


thank you!


Randy Gleason

Quarter 2  

Hello Everyone!!

I hope that whoever is reading this is doing well and things are going alright them. Let's get down to business. Ever since Feb. of this year i've been doing extensive footwork trying to get my name in the door and book some places. for the two months i have been doing it i have snagged about 6 shows! hopefully some to be regulars! You can see some of my upcoming shows over on my "Show's" tab. Keep on the look out. Im striking while the iron is hot and i've been putting the work in to meet and talk and audition. If you believe in me and feel that you can help spread the word anyway you can please share this page :) Thanks friends and fans for supporting me so far and continuing to support me. 

Randy Gleason

New Year (Q1) 

I Hope everyone had a decent holiday. I spent it with my family and friend and it was a real good time. my uncle drove in from out of state which is cool because i don't see him often. New year and hopefully some shows at new venues i've never played at before. i've had a weekly gig for the last 5 months in New lexington and it is going well but i want to branch off and explore territory i'm not familiar with. anyways, got some new videos up under "Music" i'm gonna attempt to update at least every month with recorded footage or actual MP3's. i've been writing lately and have some idea i've been throwing around and once i get past the doubtfulness ill be able to throw some together for an album. I've been wanting to do an album for a long time. Maybe, 2019 is the year Randy Gleason and the band TOOL with both release an album. WOW! hopefully it comes true! until next time be safe, be careful and try to help others!

Randy Gleason