Quarter 1

Hello world,

                  Randy Gleason here, its been a minute since i last updated my website. COVID 19 is starting to settle down and bars are opening back up! thats such good news to hear! been staying busy as far as music. playing atleast 3 days a week. couldnt ask for for better people to support me or keep pushing me forward. been writing some music lately as well. if all goes well maybe youll see an album come out this year of Randy Gleason. might not be acoustic but its something that will have Randy Gleason's Name on it and that is something i would be proud of. Following up from this i am updating all of my shows that i currently have booked should be about 105 shows so far that are booked and need to book some more. be on the lookout for randy gleason on the horizon. its about to be a spectacular summer! stay classy!


Come for the music, Stay for the show.


Randy Gleason