Quarter 3 and 4

Since May of this year, I have made a name for myself in the area. playing at a bar every week and having a following that comes out to sing and have fun with me is so rewarding. ive been working on writing some material that I feel is some of the best work so far lyrically speaking. been stuck in a rut of not wanting to play guitar because I already play my acoustic about 15 hours a week. I am getting some recording gear together to work some more on my solo band stuff as well as my acoustic solo. the band TOOL finally put out a new album this year. its been 12 days since the release and they are #1 on the Billboard charts. go TOOL!!! looks like now the stage is set for me to release my upcoming album. so be on the lookout. its gonna get slow this winter so ill have some time to just set back and play guitar and write some stuff. once again this is Randy Gleason and I really hope whoever reads this has a great day. until next time, come to one of my shows!


thank you!


Randy Gleason