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Quarter 2  

Hello Everyone!!

I hope that whoever is reading this is doing well and things are going alright them. Let's get down to business. Ever since Feb. of this year i've been doing extensive footwork trying to get my name in the door and book some places. for the two months i have been doing it i have snagged about 6 shows! hopefully some to be regulars! You can see some of my upcoming shows over on my "Show's" tab. Keep on the look out. Im striking while the iron is hot and i've been putting the work in to meet and talk and audition. If you believe in me and feel that you can help spread the word anyway you can please share this page :) Thanks friends and fans for supporting me so far and continuing to support me. 

Randy Gleason

New Year (Q1) 

I Hope everyone had a decent holiday. I spent it with my family and friend and it was a real good time. my uncle drove in from out of state which is cool because i don't see him often. New year and hopefully some shows at new venues i've never played at before. i've had a weekly gig for the last 5 months in New lexington and it is going well but i want to branch off and explore territory i'm not familiar with. anyways, got some new videos up under "Music" i'm gonna attempt to update at least every month with recorded footage or actual MP3's. i've been writing lately and have some idea i've been throwing around and once i get past the doubtfulness ill be able to throw some together for an album. I've been wanting to do an album for a long time. Maybe, 2019 is the year Randy Gleason and the band TOOL with both release an album. WOW! hopefully it comes true! until next time be safe, be careful and try to help others!

Randy Gleason 

Quarter Two 

It's been a ride! last three months have changed me a lot as a person and the way i carry myself a musician and a human. i recently about a month ago quit my pizza job due to horrible car problems so i have decided that i am gonna start playing music as a main source of a way to live! i recently moved as well so being in a slightly different area is well.. different. I have been super busy in terms of having shows lined up for the summer. just in july alone a had every weekend booked. wish it was like that all the time!! here in the next month and a half its gonna start to die down and im gonna have to get my butt into gear and start booking some shows! Getting ready for the final 4 months of the year! its hard to believe that its already been almost a year!!



Randy Gleason

Quarter One 

I can't believe its already April i feel like i am still stuck in 2017! Already almost into May and before long it will be nice out too play some show outside! one thing i really enjoy about playing music work as a delivery driver. im not always stuck inside so i can at least enjoy the weather! i have a few dates in the books coming up for the summer months as well as some bands that i am apart of. I hope everyone has a great day and ill see you all soon!



Randy Gleason

A New Year 

I hope everyone is doing well and had good holidays. For me it was a great experience to just be around my friends and family at the time of the year when other people aren't so fortunate to be around others. That being said,I've got some shows coming up through April and some more shows on the horizon that i haven't got solidified yet. As always you can go over to the Shows tab and see all the upcoming shows i have! I will have some music of my own on here soon as well. more instrumental acoustic and a few with some vocals i think you all would enjoy! Once again as always have a joyous day and thank you for stopping by my website!



Randy Gleason

Sooner or later 

We are getting there sooner or later.

This website is something that should have been put up in 2014 but my endless procrastination
has kept me from doing so. That being said, Look out for this website to be filled up will just a
little more content since the last time you saw it. I feel this website will be an ever-Changing
Experience both for me as a musician and for you as an observer. Once i start to achieve 
more experience on the media side as well as real life interactions. i'll be able to progress with no Problem.


Randy Gleason