Quarter 2-4

Hey Guys!


                 This is Randy Gleason coming at you with a follow-up to how the year has been going. to say it's been a weird year is an understatement. COVID 19 has put a lot of things out of business, mostly small businesses. I was affected from March 16th till about memorial day with going from 15+ shows a month down to about 3. I worked hard to try to regain some of the money that I had lost. I played a lot of small events, private parties and people were very generous when tipping and paying me which went a long way! fast track to Memorial day it started picking back up. Went to about 20 shows a month which really helped me because I was hurting for a while. This year such as last year July was my busiest month! I want to thank everyone for that! Between Memorial Day and up until about This month in November everything was going fine. Mike Dewine the Gov. of Ohio has recently imposed a Curfew that goes into effect from 10 PM-5 AM starting about November 19th. this has been hard on me as well as other bars, restaurants, and venues in the area. a lot of those places have seen decreased numbers of people coming in which in terms hurts the Establishment. I got some things in the works now and hopefully plan to release within the next few months. solo original music is going well and I'm about halfway written with my first Album. be on the lookout for that within the next year! id like to make it a spectacular moment for my musical journey. until then this is Randy Gleason Signing off. Come catch a show soon!!!!



                   Randy Gleason