Quarter 4

Hey guys, 

                Just a follow-up from last year. I meant to post here for quarter 4 of last year but I ended up getting caught up in Christmas and other family-oriented things. I had a great Christmas and new year and I hope you all did too. I still have been nailing shows out left and right and working on some more things in my free time. I'm working hard, whether I'm on the stage or I'm in my little space at the house and writing. It's been fun. I told myself the wintertime is my time to focus on the writing aspect of things in my music. been a while since I decided to actually focus time on writing my own personal things. be on the lookout for announcements soon. some things should have been already happening but unforuntely I've picked the wrong people to help me along and they have just been delaying the process. lessons are learned and won't be forgotten. until next time, take care everyone.

Randy Gleason