Quarter 2-3

Hello Everyone,

 Currently just done finishing up booking up the rest of my shows for the year 2021. this year has been crazy to say the least. between COVID still being a thing and people being uncertain about whats going on, playing music is becoming more of a slippery slope than ever before. Thankfully with the suupport of everything and still booking shows i dont have to worry too much. i will now be booking into 2022 ASAP, i got 6 shows booked into 2022 so far. ill be 27 this coming year and its time to start getting things into motion. ive been writing alot especially when i lost my voice due to overuse back in May. i had laryigitus, that whole month sucked but i had a chance to do alot of writing here at my house. i have some awesome things coming up once i finish up some more songs. we are talking some awesome music. be on the lookout for that. that would be the first full LP from yours truly. id like to thank my brother from another mother Tim for helping me when my voice was shot. he was a trooper and played some shows with me and i repayed the favor. Thanks man! well its time for me to sign off here. come see a show and be safe everyone!! 


Thanks for Reading,


Randy Gleason