New Year (Q1)

I Hope everyone had a decent holiday. I spent it with my family and friend and it was a real good time. my uncle drove in from out of state which is cool because i don't see him often. New year and hopefully some shows at new venues i've never played at before. i've had a weekly gig for the last 5 months in New lexington and it is going well but i want to branch off and explore territory i'm not familiar with. anyways, got some new videos up under "Music" i'm gonna attempt to update at least every month with recorded footage or actual MP3's. i've been writing lately and have some idea i've been throwing around and once i get past the doubtfulness ill be able to throw some together for an album. I've been wanting to do an album for a long time. Maybe, 2019 is the year Randy Gleason and the band TOOL with both release an album. WOW! hopefully it comes true! until next time be safe, be careful and try to help others!

Randy Gleason