Been a long time Quarter 1-3

Its been a long time.

10 months since the last update. Its been a super eventful year so far. march I released my first official piece of music. although it might not be what you'd expect i had a super great response from it. the song is called "Come To Pass". Released on March 30th, 2022. Ill have an album coming out soon for it. ill also add another tab on my website for this type of music. Please continue to support me whichever way you guys can. i appreciate everyone who has supported me so and continues to do so. you guys are the MVP's. I got allot booked for 2023 already. please get ahold od me for bookings if intersted. once again thanks guys. im gonna keep this sweet. maybe i do a full year wrap up here in a few months for everyone!


Randy Gleason


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